How do I deposit money into my account?

Bet money - win money: Upload funds to your gaming account and play for winnings you can withdraw!

Click ‘Deposit to account‘ in the top right. Then, in the ‘Amount’ field, enter the amount that you would like to deposit to your player account. If you get a bonus with your deposit, it will be displayed in the field below.

After that, you just need to decide how you wish to make the deposit - many payment providers are available for processing. Just click on the payment provider's logo of your choice.

Should details required to complete a transaction be missing from your user profile, you will be required to complete them before proceeding.

Note to all players with a primary residence within the European Union (EU): As of 01/01/2015, new EU-wide laws regarding the calculation of Value Added Tax (VAT) will come into effect, requiring us to verify your details. For this reason, all players from the EU must completely and correctly fill in their phone number, address and country.

Have no fear: NO additional costs are incurred with your deposit!

Once your details are complete, follow the payment process your your chosen payment provider and then confirm your purchase - and you’re done!

Your credit is then immediately made available to you!