Fair play at Skill7

Skill7 places particular emphasis on fairness and safety for the players. The below listed measures are taken to ensure the highest possible fairness and security.

Europe Entertainment Ltd. operates this website on the basis of a license that is issued by the ‘Malta Gaming Authority’, a government agency in Malta. The operator is under the supervision and control of this authority.

1. Control of Games

All games on Skill7 are server-based. They are constantly monitored and recorded. Should there be a loss of connection during the game, measures are taken immediately to enable a fair outcome of the game.

2nd Use of a certified random number generator

In order to allow 100% fairness, a TST (Technical Systems Testing) certified random number generator is used for elements of the game, such as the dice and card issuing. Therefore, all random elements in the game are generated by a special technique omitting the background noise from a diode.

3. Transparency in Games

Players will always play against real opponents and never against a computer. You decide yourself which players you want to play against and with which stake you would like to play. The strength of the potential opponent is visible to you at any time. The desired stake or the limit for each game is selected when you enter the game. In addition, players have the opportunity to first test and learn all about the games in the Play Money Room (virtual currency). The rules of all the games and the associated stakes and service fees are available to the players at any time through the help page.

4. Transparency in tournaments

Tournaments are also always played against real players. The tournament rules, the tournament mode and the final results are always available for every single tournament. This also applies for the list of participants and their tournament statistics.

5. Security in payment processing and data management

Skill7 manages the players’ data strictly confidentially and will not pass it on to third parties. International security standards ensure the protection of player data. The safe and correct handling of the deposit and withdrawal processes is ensured by working with nationally and internationally known payment providers.

6. Supporting players through our Support Team

The Skill7 Support Team strives to provide the players with the best advice and assistance. Players can contact our Support Team both via e-mail and telephone. The contact details are available for all players on the site.