General game operation

Starting a game
Our games, all of which can be played against real opponents, can be viewed on the homepage. By clicking on a game's icon, you will be taken to the virtual game room. Here you will be given an overview of all running game tables and the names of the players currently at the tables.

Once in the game room, you will notice two tabs towards the top of the screen. The “Fun Money” tab shows all tables where fun money is used for wagering.

The “Real Money” tab shows all tables where real money is used. In order to play for real money, you will have to create a real money account and credit it with money. More detailed information can be found under the “Pay-in / Pay-out” sub-heading under “General Help” on the “Help” page. You can see how good a player is by looking at the colour of his/her name and his/her skill level. The deciding factor in winning on Skill7 is skill, rather than luck.

The functions described below apply to both fun money and real money games.

The Game Room
Click on a game in the overview to be taken to the game room. The screen is divided into two sections:

On the left side you will see a list of the players currently in the room. Your credit is shown above your nickname. Each player's  personal maximum betting limit is shown next to his/her nickname. Four buttons are shown below the list of players. Underneath the list of players you will see four buttons; clicking on "Player Info." will call up the selected player's game statistics, and "Invite" will invite the selected player to play a private game against you. By clicking on "Private", other players are not able to use the "Watch" function to observe any game you create. Click on "New Friend" to add the selected player to your list of friends. If you are bothered by chat messages during a game, you can block them by clicking "Ignore". The game tables in the room are shown to the right. You can see which players are at each table and the stakes they are playing for.

Once you have a general idea of what is going on in a room, read the headings below to learn how to set the various game settings for your next game.

Set maximum stakes for your game
Before starting a game you can click on "Limit", which is shown above the table field, to set your maximum stake using a sliding marker. The limit you set becomes the highest amount that you can possibly lose in each game and it remains valid until you set a new one.

Opening a new game
Click on "New game". A window will appear in which you can select the participants of the game, their skill levels, and the stake. Your game table will then appear in the table view. The stake can still be changed before the game begins. It may so happen that no one decides to participate at your table. You may close the table by clicking on "X". You will be returned to the table view where you can look for a new game.

Taking part in a game
If you see a table with only one other player featuring a yellow"Play" button, this means that someone is waiting for an opponent. Click on "Play" if you would like to participate at the table. If your limit is lower than that of your opponent, you will be asked to raise your limit. If you do not wish to do so, you can choose to leave the game. You can also take part as a spectator by clicking on the small eye icon shown on the table.

Minimum stake and limit
The minimum stake for a game is €0.10 (GC 0.10). The maximum stake, also referred to as one's limit, depends on the amount of games that have been completed. The more experienced the player, the higher his/her limit is. You will find a more detailed explanation under "Operating fees".

In the bottom right-hand corner of the room view, you will find the chat text field and the "Send" button. These appear in both the game room and table views. This allows you to send messages to the game room which can be read and answered by all players present in the room, or you can write a message to the opponents at your table. All you need to do is click on the button "Game chat" to switch to "Room chat".

Controls and support hotline
Above the tables in the game room view, you will see the button "?" and one that looks like a telephone. Click the question mark to view a legend of symbols and controls used. Click the telephone to view the contact details for our Support Teams.
Use the "Exit" button to close the game window and return to the homepage.