Room System

The Room System

To play a particular game, the player must click on “Play” or “Practice” next to the logo of the desired game.

The player is taken to the lobby of the selected game. A list on the left-hand side of the screen displays the players currently online in the lobby. The player’s own nickname is displayed at the top of this list.

Navigating the lobby:

  • The player can switch between rooms using tabs at the top of the screen. A click on the desired tab is all that is required. 
  • Below the tabs is a drop-down menu allowing the player to choose whether all game tables should be shown, or only those with free places. 
  • Above and to the right of the tabs are the buttons 'Settings', 'Help' and 'Quit Programme'. The button 'Settings' allows the player to choose between two types of board (felt or wooden) as well as toggle the sound effects. Should the player change the board, he/she must then exit the lobby and re-enter for the changes to take effect. 'Help' opens up a window with a comprehensive help menu including a key to the symbols used in the lobby. 
  • Below the list of players in the lobby are familiar buttons such as 'Invite', 'Ignore', 'Add Friend' and 'Player Info'. 
  • By clicking on the ‘eye’ symbol in the window of a table, the player can watch the game currently being played. The player can cancel an opened game at any time by clicking on the ‘X’. Two figures below these symbols show which player was invited to the game. 
  • At the top left of the screen, the name of the player, his/her skill level and their balance are shown. The 'Account' button is also displayed. By clicking on this button, the player is taken directly to the deposit page where a payment method can be selected for topping up his/her balance. From this point onwards, the deposit process proceeds as usual.

Icons / Legend:

   Player category
 Skill level

Player status

 Players currently playing
 Players that have not started the game
 Search opponents
 Invited by this player
 Private game, invitation required
 Connection - mediocre
 Connection - weak
 Connection - very weak
 Ghost player (computer finishes the round for a player who has left)
 Player connected via a mobile device
 E-mail address not confirmed

Right side of the Lobby

Every room contains several tables. You now have the option of sitting at a table where another player is waiting. The stakes and players are listed at each table. If all of the tables are occupied, you can open your own table by clicking the button "New Game".

New game - Options

When you open a new table by clicking "New Game", you must select one of the following table options:

'Everyone': the table is open to all players.
'Friends': only your personal friends (i.e. on your Friends list) are allowed to participate.
'Invited': the table is only open to invited guests. See Invite

In addition to these three options, you can also set the maximum skill level of your opponent(s) by using a slider. This means that only players below this skill level are allowed to sit at the table.

Other buttons:
'My Limit' Here you can set your limit for each individual game.
'Exit' By pressing this button you can leave the game room and go to another room.

Lower part of the screen

  • Player Info
    Here you can find out more about your fellow players.
  • Ignore
    If you select a nickname from the player list and then click "Ignore", any messages from this player will be blocked. Click the button "Hear", to see this player's messages again in the Chatbox
  • Invite
    After you have opened a new game table by clicking "New Game", and selecting "Invited", you can challenge a fellow player to a game by selecting their nickname and clicking "Invite".
  • New Friend
    You can add a new player to your personal 'Friends list' by clicking on his/her nickname in the list of players and then clicking 'New Friend'.
  • Chat monitor The chat monitor at the bottom of the screen shows the messages written by opponents or observers. Below this you will find the:

  • Chat text entry field
    If you want to send a message to an opponent or observer, you can enter it into this field. After entering the desired text, simply click "Send" or press "Enter" on the keyboard. After a message is sent it appears in the chat monitor.


Other Buttons / Options at each table:


  • Kick out Using the "Kick out" button, you can remove a player from the current game, providing that they have not reacted for over 2 minutes. This is especially useful for when a player has been disconnected from the server, for example. Furthermore, this enables you to kick observers out of the game. All you need to do is select the name of the player you wish to remove by clicking on his/her name in the status window, then clicking "Kick out".

  • Sign in If you are an observer in a game, you can sign in for the next game by clicking the "Sign in" button. If more than one observer signs in, they are accepted in the order in which they signed in.
  • Leave If an observer does not wish to register for the next game, they can leave the current game by clicking the "Leave" button.
  • Sound By clicking the small speaker symbol you can toggle the sound. This is especially useful if your Internet connection and/or PC are slow, as it releases resources which speed up the game.