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~ 4 min.
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    Solitaire starts with seven piles of cards spread out on the playing table. The rest of the cards are face-down in the deck, with the exception of the uppermost card. The player has to reduce the seven piles of cards to four target piles. If the player manages to do this within the allotted time, the Patience "succeeds".

    The objective of the game is to place the 52 cards onto the four target piles within the allotted time. The player turns over the cards in the deck by clicking on them and then tries to place them. Only the topmost card can be drawn. It is possible to rotate the cards of the deck, but points are deducted for this.

    The player can use the left mouse button to place cards onto either the table or the rack. The cards on the table have to be placed in descending order, and alternately in black and red. The game is over once all cards have been placed on target piles or when the player sees no other options and decides to end the game.