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~ 9 min.
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    Belote is a card game for 4 players, which is played in teams. Two variants of the game are available: Belote Classic, with or without announcements, and Contrée. The aim of the game is to be on the team that first reaches the point limit (501 in Belote Classic and 701 in Contrée).

    A trump suit is selected ahead of the game. Players must follow suit and take tricks if possible when the trump suit is played. The highest trump card wins the trick. In the absence of trump cards, the highest card of the lead suit wins. In the classic variant of the game, sequences and fours can be announced during the first trick. If a player holds the trump King and Queen, he/she can call ‘Belote’. Twenty bonus points are awarded for this call.

    At the end of the game, the points from the tricks and calls are added up for each team. The first team to reach 501 points or 701 wins the game.